Super zoom reccomendations?

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Re: Super zoom reccomendation?

kyrcy wrote:

sjgcit wrote:

> For low noise you need a large sensor.

Not exactly.  You can, ( as Chris knows ), use a long exposure at low ISO to minimize noise.  This implies using a tripod or similar.

You're still better off with a larger sensor even with a long exposure, however.

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I do plan to use long exposures at low ISO to minimize noise with the camera mounted on the tripod. And I know that a larger sensor would be better, but that would also require a separate long zoom or telephoto lens (which would be expensive and heavy). This is why I am looking for a super zoom instead.

What are you shooting that needs the long zoom?   That you specified 'over 24x' suggests you find the Panasonic FZ200 inadequate, despite it having about the best low light performance of any superzoom, especially at its longest focal lengths, where most superzooms are really bad.   If I needed to be shooting at night at long focal lengths this would be what I'd get.

The Fuji XS-1 looks nice, and I like the Canon SX50 for daytime shooting, but don't know if it meets your low light requirements.   It's pretty decent during the day and the lens is better than a lens with that zoom range has any right to be.

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