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WhyNot wrote:

I must be getting old.. I usually don't respond to these lectures...but honestly, I'm tired of being told how poor a photographer I am and that I don't deserve to use the cameras I've got or those I might want... So maybe I'll just leave this forum to your 25% and return to my A620 and take snapshots... Sorry if I and the others of the 75% have bored and upset you to the point of having to continue to tell us how bad we really are.... I'll leave now or maybe I'll just ignore your tirades in the future..

I don't know you and don't know if you're a "good" photographer or not, but I do know that the majority of shots I see posted on the majority of forums (here and elsewhere) demonstrate a lack of skill that more often than not verges on the embarrassing.

It's quite true that so very many of these very unskilled if not mediocre shooters are also the ones who chase gear to the point of absurdity ... putting themselves and their families into hock but doing little or nothing to get their skill levels up. They represent many of the people that the manufacturers depend on for sales and growth. I'm afraid it's how the commercial world works with all manner of products, particularly those based on technologies.

The definition of a neurotic applies here: someone who keeps doing the same foolish things over and over again, expecting a different result.

This is not intended to be ... and I hope it doesn't come off as ... a lecture. I hate being lectured as much as the next person. It's meant to suggest something very simple and well-known: if you can't take good to great pictures with ANY camera, you can't take good to great pictures.

That all being said, there's no question that one's pictures can be improved by new developments that affect dynamic range, color, noise, resolution, etc. I am the first to entertain a new camera/sensor/design that will enhance my ability to shoot under a wider range of conditions and environments. But these same new developments cannot improve one's skill. Skill, knowledge of one's tools, a trained eye, a passion for excellence, a thoughtful approach, dedication to the craft, the enjoyment of the craft! ... these and other personal approaches to photography are far, far more important than a new sensor design. An Olympus C-5060 in the hands of a skilled shooter will produce significantly better imagery than an OM-D in the hands of ... whomever.

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