Question+Review: Black Rapid RS-Sport

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Question+Review: Black Rapid RS-Sport

Hi guys,

I've owned the BR RS-Sport strap for nearly a year now and thought I'd share my thoughts on it along with a few questions for fellow users.


*Easy storage & portability: this strap folds up nicely and is easy to store & transport in my camera bag.

*Nice bumper system that locks the camera into place when you need it to stay in one place

*Easy to combine with Manfrotto RC2 plates for quick change from strap to tripod mounting

*Strap slides very little (mostly none-at-all) when you bring the camera up and down.

*Relatively comfortable to wear without fear of dropping your gear (caveat in cons below)


*When you pull the camera up to shoot vertically, especially if you have a grip installed, you'll notice that it's just a little bit tight and doesn't quite give you enough room to pull the camera right up to your face or if you're shooting upward. Not a deal breaker since it's just barely too tight.

*When you're walking, the camera swings back & forth and knocks against your leg or in my case my car keys which are fastened to my belt with a carabiner.  Again, not a deal breaker, but other straps have an adjustment slider that shortens the strap just a little on the fly.

*The shoulder pad, while comfortable enough for a 2 hour or so quick shoot, can get a bit uncomfortable on a full day, or if you have a 70-200 telephoto attached.  I really wish the pad was made of neoprene instead, like the CS version.

With all these points in mind, I can absolutely recommend the RS Sport strap.  However, I do see other options out there that might be a slightly better choice.  And herein lies my questions.

I'm very interested in getting the Carry Speed FS-Pro strap.  However, there are things that concern me about this product.

1) I have heard cases where the nylon mesh will detach from the neoprene pad (because they're sown together).

2) The FS-1 mounting plate seems to have a foldable ball point that allows you to lay the camera down flat on a tabletop should you choose to.  But I'm wondering if I can get a CustomSLR universal mounting plate and then simply attach the ball point of the CS strap onto the CustomSLR universal plate instead.

Or, even better, could I simply take the ball point of the CS strap, dump the mounting plate altogether, and then thread that ball point through the RC2 plate that I currently have?


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