Bootstrap Sunday Scapes 12 - 5 - 13

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Rich Z
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Re: Slumbering monster

Thanks, Andrew. Was in vehicle 15 hours, 508 miles, but stopped very often to get out and take pix, and had my brother along, he was happy to drive when my gut cramped up. Didn't plan on so many miles, but got blocked climbing over The Trinity Alps off the side of a side road over the North flank of Mt. Eddy by snow, so had to backtrack 50 miles to take a longer route to get into The Sacramento Valley. I was determined to get to the valley floor and take some shots of Mt. Shasta. Most amazing thing, I feel great today and am just about to go out and walk a half mile on my flower loop.

Robert A. Heinlein wrote that life consists of three departments: the surprise party department, the practical joke department, and the fairy-godmother department. I tend to agree with his philosophy. Rich

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