I will buy the lens you recommend! 24-hourpoll! Minolta BBC vs Sony 55-300!

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Re: I will buy the lens you recommend! 24-hourpoll! Minolta BBC vs Sony 55-300!

surfnet wrote:

JimmyMelbourne wrote:

Probably should have kept the 18 135 as it has a good range and IQ, very versatile, has SAM over tamron screw drive lens so also good for video. Dont get me wrong the tamron is very useful, but mainly for lower light shooting, is shorter in range and pretty bad for video due to screw drive noise. I own the tamron and like it but am itching to replace it with a better lens with ssm.

If I was in your boat, would have kept the 18 135, gone a tamron 75 300 USD (if on a budget, otherwise sony G), and perhaps a sony 35 1.8 for low light indoors.

The beercan is a very good lens but it is old, screw drive again, and is really for someone on a very tight budget or someone who like to play around with old minolta lenses for fun as a hobby. It does produce nice shots, however, therefore I keep mine, even though I have other better lenses in the same range.

Isn't USD Tarom's SSM?

Yes it is. But jimmy was speaking of the 17-50 2.8 vs the sony 18-135. The 17-50 isn't usd/SSm. it's a screw drive lens.

As to the op, I've used the beercan, just sold one actually. It's a nice older lens and as such it doesn't compete well against something like the new sony 55-300 or tamron 70-300. Nice to have the f4 at long end but its not always needed for outdoor sports and isn't fast enough usually for indoor sports and events.  If your are going to be using a zoom in less than ideal light then you need a 2.8 zoom. The ones you're considering are all great in good light but likely wont make you happy when the light goes down.

i am assuming you needed a faster lens since you got rid if the 18-135 for the 17-50. So I would also assume you'll need that same speed in a zoom.

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