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Re: there we go again

blue_cheese wrote:

I think that you are over generalizing, it is one think having random people in the picture for purposes of setting a scene/setting, there is nothing wrong with having a picture at the beach with people in it. It is not about that, it is about having these people purposefully framed in a way that is well... open to some very questionable interpretation.

Common courtesy should dictate when a permission should be asked, just as common sense should tell you when a picture is in appropriate.

In the case where the above fail, laws come into place. Hopefully we don't get to a point where society degenerates to a level where the current laws are changed.... for something as ridiculous as taking a picture in a public place. What everyone is saying is that the OP is neither helping the case and it is people like that that bring out sensitivities where normally should be none.

Ok, so I take a wide-angle shot at a beach, with no specific "targeted" subject.  I post that on a photo blog.

Someone grabs it off the internet, crops it to "target" a woman with a bikini on, and posts that on the internet.

You see where I am going?

I, personally, ask permission when in doubt.  However, everyone has a different moral compass (in some places, a woman would be executed for wearing a bikini in public, in others, nudity in public is normal), so the only LOGICAL way to do things is as I'm suggesting - if you go out in public, expect to get photographed, and know that photo may be used anywhere.

Period.  End of story.

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