D7100 @ the City (SB-700)

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Re: there we go again

BirgerH wrote:

nfpotter wrote:

That is absolutely HYSTERICAL.  Respect?  These people chose to wear what they did out in public, where not only can MANY, MANY eyes see them, but they're almost 100% for sure already on camera (by a government or others) anyway.

Get over yourself.  What a joke.

In my opinion, you are wrong, Potter, They are not only photograped, they are being portraited - and very good portraits indeed - and they are delivered onto the Internet.

From now on, theese Photos can be used by everyone for everything - that is not respectable - in my opinion.

You can go photograph on the street as much as you like - you got no right to make people, not agreed, public proberty - in my opinion.
Thats how I feel.


I'll give you another example:

Let's say I'm doing a shoot with a model in downtown New York City, on really busy, crowded streets.  Shall I go ask several hundred people for permission, just in case they might end up in the shot?

Use logic.  If you are out in public these days, you're going to get photographed, and those pictures can and will end up anywhere and everywhere.  I mean, come on.  Everyone has a cell phone with a decent camera on it these days.

Time to evolve, people.

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