D7100 @ the City (SB-700)

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This is why...

I almost stop coming here, over and over.


A: if you go out in public in ANY urban environment these days you ARE VERY, VERY likely being photographed - and more than likely by "big brother".  Get used to the idea, it's not going to lessen.

B: if you don't like the way something looks, then look away.  Quit making yourself in need of a babysitter.

C: if you think that you're an "expert", be prepared to back that up with solid evidence.  This as a general statement to all of those who come here.  Just because your grandma said your point and shoot pictures make you a "great photographer" doesn't mean you are, no does stating one of your shots "is/could have been a brilliant, vibrant composition" make it so.  That judgment will be made by others, not you.

D: if you're going to give advice, you should be sure it is correct, and you can back it up.

E: this is an INTERNET FORUM, and even with "rules", you're going to have all kinds of different people, different likes and dislikes, and different opinions on here.  I, for one, find it RIDICULOUS that "swearing" is "banned", but nowhere is there a list of acceptable vs. unacceptable words - perfect example.

Now quit crying and go take pictures.  Seriously.

PS - to the OP, some are nice shots, some are boring (to me).

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