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Re: Thom runs a website, Olympus runs a company.

TrapperJohn wrote:

Whether or not he sees a market for an upscale mini rangefinder, they do. And Olympus created M43, so they do know something about the market. For sure, they know more than C/N do about compact, high performance cameras.

They do not seem to know how to make the market profitable in a time when mFT appeared to be selling well. While it may have a small sensor the performance speed/AF/ of the CX system from Nikon is excellent

The EP5 is not for me, I want the OMD-Pro that will AF my ZD glass quickly, and the Pen sized body just doesn't handle well with those larger lenses. But that doesn't mean that many people won't want the very compact and discreet form factor.

It is only discreet when the hideous add on EVF is not stuck on top, or when it is held up in front of your face mobile phone style with the LCyo spotlighting your face.

I particularly like the 1/8000 shutter speed and the larger VF.

My last half  dozen DSLR cameras have had 1/8000th of a sec shutters and from tens of thousands of frames I have never used it

Others will want the 5 axis IBIS - it really does work well, and isn't found in the lesser Pens.


And I can see the wi-fi option as being particularly attractive. I wouldn't mind having it... how many times have I gotten the 'no card' message when I forgot to put the card back in?

I don't like it enough to buy one at that price, but I love it for what it says about the OMD-Pro.

Small correction Olympus runs an imaging division that has lost billions of  Yen  managing to double losses in the last year  in what I feel will probably be the peak of market share for mFT. With regard to this camera as far as I am concerned it is firmly in the jewellery category. By the time you have bought the  add on EVF ( a vital necessity for me) aprt from destroying the aesthetics of the camera , you will have in the UK/ EU  run up a total of  £1149 , you can have identical image quality with the O-MD in a weather sealed body with built-in  EVF along with 5axis  for  £350 less , the   GH3 with built in EVF , fully articulated LCD ,better ergonomics and excellent video comes in £250 less.

You can get better image quality with built-in EVF from the likes of the Fuji x-pro 1 , Nex6 , you can get significantly better sensor , in a weather sealed body with far superior C-AF in a Nikon D7100  for £200 less. I to am keen on finding out what the pro O-MD will bring especially regarding support for FT lenses. But this is just overpriced jewellery and will do little to help the terrible finances of Olympus.

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