VR/VC/OS - How shutter speed and other factors “may” affect IQ.

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VR/VC/OS - How shutter speed and other factors “may” affect IQ.

Within several of the recent lens threads I’ve noticed a lot of excellent dialog going on regarding how VR can / may affect IQ with "high" shutter speeds. So I thought that it may be good to have a separate thread for this very interesting and technical subject.

I’m currently trying different settings with VR and VC during my handheld "walkabout wildlife" shooting. As there are many factors that "could" come into play with this, I thought of the following so far…

Shutter speed.



AF-S and AF-C Priority Modes.

Manual Focus.

Subject movement… along the focal plane (horizontal or vertical).

Subject movement… Coming toward you or going away from you.

Focal length.


VR version - I, II, II and versions of 3rd party lens stabilization systems VC, OS .

Camera body - AF system.

Support or lack thereof.

I would expect that are more "factors", so please feel free to add to this list.

Looking forward to hearing about your experience and thoughts about this.

Much thanks in advance for your participation.


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