ClearView vs. VF-2

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Re: ClearView vs. VF-2

Lots of digicam users love the Clearviewer because it allows anyone with 'older' eyes to see the LCD without having to hold the camera so far away.  I have one and tried to use it with my LX5 but didn't like it (don't like Panny's optional EVF either).  For one thing, it is kind of a nuisance thing to fiddle with on the back of the camera, but also it shows a rather distorted 'bubble' type image of the center of the LCD with the edges in the dark 'bubble' edges.  But look on the digicam sites for other opinions, as many people really like these, just didn't work at all for me.

The VF2 is excellent. EVFs are not all the same, the VF2 is one of the best (now there is a better one coming).  You would prefer it if you prefer using a viewfinder, but might actually prefer the Clearviewer if you like using LCD (if you need one at all - why are you considering it?).  It does a good job of blocking light from the edges, has good resolution and is large and bright, offers better (truer) color than the LCD IMO, and has neat ability to swivel up to 90 degrees (great for macros).

People complain that it doesn't lock on, but i've used mine for 3 years, grabbing the camera in and out of tight bags and wearing the camera on movable shoulder straps during hiking, etc. and never had any problem with the EVF coming off.  I used mine first with EP2 and then also with XZ-1.

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