600RT Flash bug in new Canon 5DIII firmware.

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Re: 600RT Flash bug in new Canon 5DIII firmware.


It seems this problem is ONLY with a 600EXRT with the 5D3 with the new firmware.

Something to do with the AF IR.

So if you do not have a 5D3, 600EXRT combo, and are shooting manual focus, OR turned the IR off, the problem does not exists.

Anyone who reads this will not see it except with this combo of settings.  I know why I did not see it on my DAYTIME shoot right after I installed the firmware.  Because the IR was not firing.  Last night, I had a night wedding, so the IR was needed the whole time, and it was ever 10 or 15th shot.  BRAND NEW BATTERIES, and on BOTH cameras.

It is a bug, I spend 6 hours last night testing it, and writing a detailed report.  I even spoke to a Canon Tech at 2:30am last night. He said to call on Monday and explain how I causes it to happened and they will try and reproduce it.

Muresan Bogdan wrote:

I was inspired enough to save the old firmware before upgrading so you you PM your email I will send you the 1.1.3 version.

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