Why are my printed photos dark and professional photos from my computer are not

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Re: Why are my printed photos dark and professional photos from my computer are not

PenguinPhotoCo wrote:

maybe chicken or egg...if they print dark the tendency would be to overexpose, right?

Victor may have hit it - you'll have to check your camera and the files (when open in PS) to see what color space you're using. 99% of labs and the web are sRGB and everytime you convert from one space to another quality and accuracy takes a hit and color shifts are the usual result (aka dark cast in your case).

Set your camera on sRGB and make some test shots. Look at them in PS and check color space, bit depth (again, labs and web want 8 bit, not 16 or higher). Shoot a gray card if need be and have that printed.

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I was talking more generally in the sense that the OP might not have the same level of finesse when it comes to exposure as the pro. Rather than citing it as an acute solution/answer to the problem..

However, if the highlights aren't properly exposed and are washed out, then if they try to "lift" the overall image it will wash the highlights out even further, so depending on the how the print lab works it might be better to expose for the highlights even slightly underexpose to give them more room to influence the mid-tones.

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