On putting money into 4:3 gear ...

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Definitely invest in ZD glass

That's what I've been doing, ever since I got an OMD about a year ago. M43 has nothing like the better ZD's, and won't be getting them - the fast M43 compact zooms are almost HG ZD IQ, at almost SHG ZD price, with shorter focal length range  and vignetting/softness wide open. You simply can't shrink a fast zoom to any degree, without losing IQ.

Not only did I keep all of my beloved ZD's plus my PL25, I've bought three more since getting the OMD, including a mint 35-100 for $1200. Compares well to the MZD 75 1.8 at $1k. That's at least Zeiss IQ at less than Sigma prices.

When the OMD-Pro comes out next fall, with fast ZD AF, demand for these exquisite lenses will rise, as will the price.

I remember how cheap 14-54's got on the used market when it was just the E1 - they got down to around $250 about a year and a half after the E1 came out. When the E300 and E500 came out, with slow kit glass, that price shot back up to almost $500.

Get your ZD's now at the current attractive prices, while you still can. I really want a 150F2, and I have maybe a four or five month window of opportunity to get one at a good price.

I expect the current 4/3 bodies will retain their value for the immediate, for the people who really prefer that form factor. Based on my experience with OMD and ZD... if the AF speed were fixed (which it will be), if the new, larger, sharper VF goes into it (which it will), and if a slightly larger battery grip with slightly larger buttons were added (which it probably will be), the majority of 4/3 owners will probably find the result to be a most adequate upgrade from the E5, putting a state of the art sensor behind their superb lenses.

Nothing replaces HG or SHG ZD, though. Not at the current prices.

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