"I'm not sure I get it" - no I don't believe you do

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Re: "I'm not sure I get it" - no I don't believe you do

1. A camera does not "have to fit in" most consumers are not actively comparing products.
2. The E-P5 has been re-built from the ground up and is taking the E-P line in a new direction...
3. Erm the space is not narrow, judging by the variety of flickr users shoot with Olympus PENs.
4. Using his 4 Olympus mft comparisions he was plainly wrong to ignore the difference in features and focus on externals.
5."Where's the value proposition for the consumer?" a. easy sharing, faster shutter speed for bright light shooting (sunny and snowy days), more accurate bulb mode, time lapse, more variations on art filters, photostory,built in flash, better auto focus, better battery life and that's over the E-M5 if a potential customer is comparing.

6. From his "fun with statestics article "Art filters. A bit of a difference, though. Generally you need to take a photo when it happens: it's the moment that counts. If you risk taking that photo with a pre-applied effect, you may not get the photo you want. The whole Instagram thing was more discovering a style that fits the photo you took, not take a photo in a particular style. It's a subtle distinction, but an important one. As I write on bythom.com: for me a camera is a tool to capture "optimal data." I very well may manipulate that data down the chain, but I want the best possible data capture to fuel my manipulations. Heck, I may layer a manipulation on top of a manipulation, and I'll want to start both from a base set of data. I've personally never found the Art Filters all that useful, as they force me into a very specific manipulation in the original data capture, leaving me fewer choices downstream." it's very telling that Thom Hogan doesn't get Micro Four Thirds, mft users shoot art filters at the time...they are not obssessed with optimal data they want expression and emotion in their images.Shooting in art filters changes your composition and you make adjustments as you see them in real time ie you might frame differently in the 3D space you are in something you can not change later on the computer/further down the data chain!

Thom Hogan: "Nikon didn't start moving significant numbers of Nikon 1 products until they did a massive discounting just prior to launching the second generation. " why thank you

living life to the Four Thirds!

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