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Win 8, Vista adoption rate

CAcreeks wrote:

Jim, is Kubuntu the release to install if I want to check out KDE Plasma desktop? Last time I installed Kubuntu, it did not have an easy way to set the HTTP/S proxy, so I could not update packages. But I can probably set the proxy this by editing the /etc/apt file or somesuch.

If you use apt from a terminal for updating and installting software, you can add a line to /etc/apt/apt.conf pointing to the proxy you want to use.

But, it doesn't look like Muon (the GUI based package manager that Kubuntu installs by default) has any settings for using a proxy from what I can see from a quick glance at it.

Synaptic does though (there's a network tab in it's preferences for setting up that kind of thing).  So, you could install Synaptic and use it instead of Muon for software installation and updates.

Jim Cockfield wrote

For example, you can find lots of linux distros that all use Ubuntu as their base.  But, some use the KDE Plasma Desktop (my personal favorite), others use the Xfce Desktop, others use the LXDE Desktop, others use the Ghome 3 Desktop, while the default Ubuntu Desktop is now Unity.

A bad first impression is what I see mentioned a lot about Windows 8.

Also a bad second impression, and third impression, etc.

Vista was a very "hot seller" if you look it's market share this far after it's product launch when compared to Win 8.  IOW, compared to some of the previous Windows releases, Win 8 is a huge "flop".

Numbers vary. I have seen figures as high as 7% market share, which if true, is better than Vista.

Look at the adoption rate, based on users actually using a given OS.  Win 8 adoption has been lagging behind Vista by a large margin when you look at the percentage of users versus the time from product launch.

Here's one article from March about it using stats gathered in February:

Even months after those stats were gathered, Win 8 is still under 4%.   See the current stats here, where Win 8 is now at 3.82%

Methodology (stats gathered from tens of thousands of websites based on the Operating System being reported by the browser user agent).

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