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Re: there we go again

BirgerH wrote:

Daisy AU wrote:

You need a dose of respect for women.  Do you think they would agree to their bums being photographed by you?  Not illegal, but quite unethical.

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Daisy AU - Brisbane

I agree with Daisy, not only photographed but also published to the World through the Internet with no permission from the persons. And with no publicity reason at all.

That they are jogging or acting in publicy is not agreing in being spread on the net. I know its being done by news reporters all the time.

I learned that some day on Wembley, where I took a Picture (for my own privat use) of a sweet and cute little three years old Fellow in a funny situation, painted in his football-clubs colours. His mother doesn't like that, she was in her right, and it was deleted immetedly.

I learned to ask.


Maybee I'm just too old, and borders are rearly being moved by time.

This remembers me a story that happened in UK and was in the news : a father was photographing his own kid playing in a park. Suddenly the police shows, and 3 women were accusing him of pedophilia. Men are accused of everything like they were natural born perpetrators. A girl would never ever be blamed in a situation like this.

Years ago, street photographers had no single issue photographing children or other people in the streets. The world is now gone mad today and people now believe it is right embrace madness.

One day we'll all need a permit to photograph streets you'll see.

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