Windows 8 shocker

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Re: You're making my point

skyglider wrote:

Without Googling I would have been totally lost!  So much for the intuitiveness of the Win8 UI.

This is the fundamental problem.   People expect the UI on a phone or tablet to be different because, guess what - there's no mouse or keyboard!   So they're a lot more willing to put up with the need to learn about how to use the interface.

But GUI desktops have been a staple of life for well over a couple of decades now.   If you sit an Apple user down in front of a Windows or Linux desktop GUI, they can usually figure their way around because they all have common graphic elements such as windows, menus, buttons, etc.  But the default Windows 8 UI removes almost everything they're familiar with and leaves them high and dry.

That's the major criticism of Windows 8.   It's not that the touch UI is a bad one, or that the desktop UI is a bad one.  It's that they're forcing the wrong UI on desktop users.   That's the single biggest problem that's causing them all this bad press.

If Microsoft has any sense, in their upcoming they won't just add an option to make the desktop a default for non-touch systems, they'll make it the default right out of the box.   That's what it will take to set things right.  Let's see just how smart they are.

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