On putting money into 4:3 gear ...

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Re: On putting money into 4:3 gear ...

CharlesB58 wrote:


Frankly, I think most people get so fixated on 1 or 2 aspects of a sensor that they lose track of the overall capabilities of the camera. This is understandable, since it appears that probably 75% of the people posting on these forums know much less about photography than they think they do and have relied on the capabilities of the camera to make up for their lack of knowledge and expertise. Put one of those older cameras you mentioned in the hands of many of them and I expect they would be at a loss on how to produce a photo worth keeping. Not everyone fits this category: but then very few have demonstrated both the knowledge and ability to convince me that their demands/expectations for the latest, greatest features will do anything more than allow them to produce lower noise, more accurately focused snapshots and mediocre photos.

But then, it's their money so they can spend it how they choose.

I do wish some of them would realize that if they can't demonstrate they are able to wrest the absolute best technical quality out of their camera, combined with a passable eye for aesthetics, they really are "B Listers" when it comes to credibility regarding whether a given camera is  up to par.

I see too many low noise, high resolution photos that wouldn't make it past my (or most other experienced photographers) in camera delete session that are posted by people who also seem to be the most vocal about whether a camera is or is not up to par. I expect someone who is going to go on about a given camera being obsolete or sub par to show me results with another camera that prove they can actually make the most of the superior features of that other camera.


I must be getting old.. I usually don't respond to these lectures...but honestly, I'm tired of being told how poor a photographer I am and that I don't deserve to use the cameras I've got or those I might want... So maybe I'll just leave this forum to your 25% and return to my A620 and take snapshots... Sorry if I and the others of the 75% have bored and upset you to the point of having to continue to tell us how bad we really are.... I'll leave now or maybe I'll just ignore your tirades in the future..

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