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Re: $350 wedding?

We see lots of these kinds of ads in our area. It's rarely the same folks from one year to the next, but yes, they lower price expectations. We're not saying we've never shot a super-cheap wedding. But we raised our price quickly as we took into account what we'd need to do to stay in business. A lot of folks choose to leave the business instead, since they never really took it seriously (taxes, registration, etc) to begin with.

Michael Thomas Mitchell wrote:

For a typical 5-hour wedding, she's looking at just $250.

This is NOT a real business. I doubt that there are any real business expenses. I doubt there are any taxes paid. The deposit is only $10, so a bride can only be hopeful that she will even show up if she doesn't find something better to do on her Saturday. While it's not necessarily the crime of the century going on here, it's not exactly a legal operation. (Her website also features commercial music which I highly suspect is used without either permission or royalties paid.)

And this is the problem, isn't it. She's NOT a pro, but she's POSING as one. She can't make a living at these prices, there's no chance for upselling, and she's not going to keeping working these hard jobs at such low rates for very long. So, she has a little fun with Rebel XSi (her advertised gear), gets her ego stroked a little by being paid for her "skills", and then moves on when it's no longer convenient. In the meantime, she has left the industry de-valued, giving the impression to at least some brides that wedding photography must not be terribly difficult if so many are willing to do it for so little, and giving the impression to newcomers that the only way to attract clients is by undercutting competition in a "race to the bottom".

In the past, we dismissed these photographers as "bottom feeders". For those who once catered to the middle class with $2-3000 packages as standard, this is a serious problem.

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