Canon Digital Lens Optimizer (DLO)

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Re: Canon Digital Lens Optimizer (DLO)
Are the results as good as the examples on the Canon site indicates?

In my experience, yes with a caveat: If there is noise in the image, the DLO algorithm will create odd artifacts (similar to what you might get using too strong an unsharp mask). For low-noise images it is really excellent; with higher noise images you will have to make a personal judgement between the extra sharpening and the added artifacts (DLO can be applied as a percentage).

Edit to add: Many of the example shots shown on the Canon side are taken at very small apertures (f/22 and the like) where diffraction is the dominant source of image fuzziness. In these cases, a more traditional sharpening method (like an unsharp mask) is likely to work nearly as well as DLO, because diffraction is a more-or-less symmetrical effect and whose transfer function can be approximated by the gaussian blurring in an unsharp mask algorithm.

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