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Re: It's a personal choice

If I had the choice I'd pick the ep5 over em5. Here's why:


  • ISO 100 + 1/8000 shutterspeed. To me that would be extremely useful, it's not just a gimmick feature. I wish all cameras had this.
  • Add on EVF has greater resolution. It's bigger which I prefer. It also tilts although not sure how useful that is as never used.
  • Has the same IBIS and sensor as EM5 so therefore it keeps the best things from the EM5 IMO.


  • Has weathersealing. That's all you really lose with the ep5 right?

But in favour of the EM5 it's cheaper. The ep5 combined with EVF is priced too high.

I have a G5 which is better than both. Fully articulating screen and better grip but choice is no bad thingĀ 

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