RX100 slip case - i know its been done to death, but none seem right for me.

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Re: RX100 slip case - i know its been done to death, but none seem right for me.

Have you considered using the $40 Sony RX00 faux leather case and  wrist strap?    Fits like a glove in your pant pocket without the worries of zipper scratching your beloved camera.

One problem often overlooked by those who use  slip cases either with velcro, zipper, or snap magnetic closures is:

When you have to go and take a   s hit , and must unbuckle your belt, the slip case may fall off  or out of pocket, hit the floor depending if you using a squat toilet, like in 3rd world countries, or even sitting on a Western style toilet. Hopefully the case with camera will not fall into the hole or commode.

Also, sometimes a belt case may inadvertently twist on your belt, get upside down when bending over, and if the velcro, zipper, or magnetic closure is not secure or accidentally opens, your camera may fall out of the case.  Just sayin, sometimess   can happen at the most inoppertune times.

Both instances has happened to me with a P&S  secured in a belt case with velcro closure.

Also, belt cases can be in PIA when trying to get out of a car if you are the driver and fat. I found the belt case usually hits some part of the steering wheel or one must slide the seat back a bit in order to exit the vehicle.

So, my RX100 travels with me in the (expensive, but really nice) Sony OEM faux leather case bandolier style under my jacket most of the time. The Sony case not only looks good, protects the camera from bumps and grinds, but is also quite easy to get the camera out for shooting.   I also have the wrist strap attached to camera.

Good luck  seeking a belt case for your RX100.

And remember to be careful when you need to   unbuckle belt with the camera attached,  use caution.

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