Panasonic and old sensors in M43, failed strategy ??

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Re: Panasonic and it doesn't work for me

Failed strategy? Maybe. It's failed for me personally.

I was waiting for the G6 with a view to buy to supplement my GH2 & offload the G1. Whilst the G6 is no doubt a good camera it's IQ is likely to be similar to the GH2, I was hoping for the same sensor as used in the GH3. I'll now have to  consider the GH3, which is a bit large & expensive for my taste or maybe the Olympus OMD, which looks great but I prefer the handling of the Panasonic cameras. Most likely I'll just wait.

If the G6 had the Sony sensor and the same size as the G5/GH2 I'd buy it. Even better if it had the in body stabilisation as the OMD to use on my non stabilised lenses.

The other concern for me is news (rumours? ) of Panasonic potentially moving away from the consumer market. I'm buying a system not just a single camera, I'd like to have confidence any glass or other accessories I buy has a long future ahead. I'm not sure of Olympus' health these days but it would better secure the future of the M43 format if there were at least two camera suppliers continuing to supporting it.

Hopefully Panasonic will release a statement soon to allay those fears. If not I'll continue waiting a while longer and if I'm still doubtful possibly go back to Canon or look at Nikon.


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