Zone system: Is it relevant in a matrix-metered world?

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RobertMartinu Contributing Member • Posts: 696
Re: Zone system: Is it relevant in a matrix-metered world?

christophorosp wrote:

  1. Is there any advantage of knowing about is VS using a 18% grey card for studio work?
  2. Can the Zone System be used in flash photography?

The grey card or a matrix meter gives you a technically correct exposure. That may or may not be what your artistic vision asks for.

Even more so with artificial light, spot metering allows you to determinate the exact contrast ratios/Zones where parts of the image end up und add or substract light from specific partsof the scene. Thats the part where the test shot and histogram method fails: having a nice spread of brightness levels doesn't tell you if they are in the spots you actually want them to be.

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