can the LA-EA2 be used with any teleconverters?

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Re: re: what is the difference between 5-pin vs. 8-pin Minolta lenses?

jpr2 wrote:

I've lots of experience concerning EF-mount teleconverters - have tried them all, or at least the most - esp. the better ones. And there we see a clear division between reporting vs. non-reporting TCs: the former need to have 11-pins on their lens side, whereas the latter have only 8-pins. Likewise, there are EF lenses (even among the topmost Ls) not designed to be coupled with TCs, and hence they all have only 8-pins (obviously a 8-pin lens will not report their correct FL and aperture to the camera even if coupled with the 11-pin TC). Is the situation same/similar with Minoltas??


Sorry, I am not familiar enough with the Minolta lenses to answer your question. I only know that some lenses have 5 and some 8 pins, so I would assume it is somewhat similar to your EF lenses explanations.


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