3, 5, and 10 stop ND filters for my Canon T3i and Canon 10-22mm lense

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Re: Have you considered the Lee filter system?

baneling wrote:

i'm an ameteur at photography, having started it about 1.5 years ago, but love it.  I'm going to france this summer and I know i'll be taking pictures during the early and late afternoons cause i'm going with my wife and son.  so i'd like to use a 10 stopper so that hopefully it will blur out the people.  but i also plan on taking pictures in the evening.  but other than france, i also like taking pictures of architecture and want to be able to see movement in clouds.  so if i'm going to buy this stuff, i don't want to buy something cheep and get flare in my shots and weird color.  i know even with the expensive ones I will get color cast, but i will just adjust the WB in photoshop.  i do that anyways.  I also want to buy a 5 and 3 stopper aswell.

thanks for the video, i checked it out.   do you know if Lee makes a holder big enough so I can use two filters?  i'd like to try grad filters one day and might use both the ND and the GND at the same time.

Yes, if you check out the Lee system, you will see it takes multiple filters.

As to blurring people, I think a 10 stop may not be enough to blur out all people. Say in afternoons you might have 1/125th exposure, gives 8 seconds. People standing and chatting will still be there. Silent world uses exposure times of several hours to remove people


Family is a reason I don't have time for time-consuming set-ups (so I didn't get an expensive NGD set). Are you sure you have the time to set up long-exposure shots with tripod, while your family is waiting?   As to blurring clouds, I don't know, if that is a good use. Clouds look nice, but if blurred, it's just a blue/whitish blur, all shapes are lost, it will not look like a time-lapse video with clouds streaming by. Blurring of water is much more commonly used, i.e. waterfall, waves.

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