24mp sensor for m43? 3.2micron pixel pitch!

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Re: 24mp sensor for m43? 3.2micron pixel pitch!

JamesMortimer wrote:

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JamesMortimer wrote:

3.2 micron?

It will be about as good as a pin sensor bridge camera...

Sensor size is really only important for the number of pixels in can carry at a large enough sensor site size.

A FF 21 mp camera might have 45 micron site size; change that sensor to a aps-c and it drops down to perhaps 23 microns.
Make it a pin head size, still keeping the 21 mp and the site size will be about 1 micron.

Bigger sites = better low-light ability, lower noise, less texture smearing.. generally better IQ all over (depending on other factors).

Nikon d800 are 4.88µm! d7100 3.9? omd 3.8.


From snapsort -

Nikon D800 - Pixel size        23.8 µm²
Canon 5D2 - Pixel size        41.1 µm²
Nikon D7100 - Pixel size        15.3 µm²

The more pixels you put into a fixed size, the smaller they have to be - there's a balance between pixel size and overall sensor size.
And note that the D7100 has worse low-light ability than the 5D2.

A FF sensor with 1Mp and 800 micron pixel size might be useless, but so would be a FF sensor with 200Mp and a site size of 1 micron.

You need to go back to school my friend, if you take the square root of those values and look at the heading "pitch" maybe you can understand?

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