D7100 vs D600 do you see what I see ?

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I'm in these situations very often.

But just think of this: Anything that moves fast and needs to be frozen to get the correct picture will profit from one stop better high iso performance because it doubles your shutter speed. On the other hand, it is quite more complicated once you end up in a dimly lit gym, sports arena or theater. You open op the aperture to get as much light in. But at some point you will lose Dof more than you would like. In such cases you will end up closing the aperture of the D600 whereas you could have left the aperture as it was on a d7100. There goes your 1 stop advantage.

It does not happen all the time. But if you, like me, are taking pictures of dancers, athletes, gymnasts without doing everything frontal or lateral (meaning you do need sufficient Dof) you will find out what I mean.

The difference between the d7100 and the d600 is there. As you said, based on the reference raws files like the ones on dpr there is around stop advantage for the d600. However, to get the same framing you need 1.5 longer lens. Once you go above 100mm you will need seriously more cash to compensate. For me, that makes a huge difference.


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