600RT Flash bug in new Canon 5DIII firmware.

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Re: 600RT Flash bug in new Canon 5DIII firmware.

Old firmware is not on site. I am a CPS member so I talked to the 24/7 tech. He said to call them on Monday, when all the techs are in, and see if they can reproduce the problem.

The tech did say they did make changes to the way the IR works. I find it interesting that when I turn the IR OFF (which I cannot do all the time) the flash works PERFECTLY.

He also said, downgrading MAY cause a problem..UGH

Muresan Bogdan wrote:

You can find the old firmware on the Canon website I believe. Try flashing back the old firmware and do the same test procedure. If the problem is only with the new 1.2 firmware, write Canon about it. I have the 5d3 but not the 600 flash so it is hard to test. I will test with my flashes and see what happens.

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