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Re: Food @ 35mm

DezM wrote:

More shots with the D300 & Sigma 35mm f/1.4, but now of food

Some tasty looking photos Dez, I'll splice in a few comments.

Works OK at first glance, but I think more work on the background would pay off. Every detail needs to be considered, including the reflections in the bowl - and the foot of the bowl itself - I'd say the crop needs to be more purposeful, or get the whole bowl in. The spoon is a debatable point, should it be fully in shot? It sort of gets away with it as the background is dark at that point, but maybe that highlights that the dark corner isn't ideal for the overall presentation.

Baba ganoush

Tight at the bottom once more. If you were doing these for publishing, then the biggest tip is not to crop too tightly as it restricts the layout options, far better to play safe and back off a touch - or at least cover your options and do both. Triangle of black in the bottom right corner needs to go.  But I think the more debatable point is where the point of focus should be. You have gone for the prawns and left the dip more blurred. I can't help but feel the focus point should be a little further back.

Shrimp cocktail

This one is working pretty well, but a feeling of imbalance. The left edge crop needs a touch of space to breath and the top/bottom edges should be in tune with each other - the plate is quite well positioned, so the food itself would have been better slightly further back. Good point of focus, but the prawn is too near the bottom edge of the plate and foot of the image.

Seafood & broccoli with couscous

Bottom edge again! But not as noticeable on this one. I like the colours and blurring on the napkin, top right triangle too strong and the cake is too tight to the left. Lighting a dark plate with dark cake is a tricky one, the wb looks too warm there and reflections aren't adding to the image.

Looks like you're going to have to serve it all up again and give it another go - I'll pop over and hold the reflector for you if you need an extra pair of hands (and mouth).

Vegan cupcake

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