Windows 8 shocker

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Re: You're making my point

Jim Cockfield wrote:

raminolta wrote:

I guess we differ in our opinion on Windows 8 being unintuitive. To me, it just has some differences from the previous windows that requires some learning: some people are unhappy with the learning curve and some just don't like the difference. I wouldn't call it less intuitive than previous Windows.

C'mon now.  You can't possibly believe that.

Most Windows users would have trouble even figuring out how to log in for the first time, without using google or similar and/or readkg through reviews, watching video tutorials, etc.

Heck, needing to swipe up and down is so different than other Operating Systems, it's nuts, and needing to do something like that with a desktop UI is even crazier.   The UI developers at Microsoft must have been out of their mind to design a login screen like that for a desktop to begin with.

Well, if that was the only way to log in you might have a point.  But you can literally hit ANY key (even the "Any" key if you can find it) or simply click the mouse without any swiping motion whatsoever to accomplish the same thing.

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