Lens dilemma: Multiple Primes vs Standard zoom

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Re: Lens dilemma: Multiple Primes vs Standard zoom

Jonathan Brady wrote:

I'll be incredibly honest and say that I've never really compared lenses side by side before, so I readily admit I do NOT have a critical/educated eye.

I had a hard time telling the difference between these images at f/2.8 and also at f/5.6.  What initially appeared to be better color rendition by the Sigma turned out to be overexposure in the shots with the Canon.  I figured this out by saving a copy of the f/5.6 image out of the Canon 40mm, opening DPP, and reducing the brightness by 16 (I believe) in the jpg tab.  When I did that, the colors were almost identical.

Other than that, sharpness seemed basically the same on both.

Maybe others who have more/better experience than I do can shed some light on this.

Pancake did awesome.  Along with my 85mm 1.8 they are my favorite lenses in terms of size/weight/cost and bang for the buck.

Of course the pictures are also resized a bit so sharpness is difficult to measure, however I also know center sharpness of the pancake has already been measured to be off the charts to not matter.  I also know according to lens rental its *not* only center sharpness but covers a good portion of the frame.  And I know how it feels with my camera's...it makes them all wonderfully light!

I am astounded that the 35mm at 1.4 vs f2.8 was not as huge a difference as I'd thought in terms of subject isolation.  To me most of the wide angle background blur shots with the Sigma 35mm 1.4 are due to closer subject shots, which is something the 40mm f2.8 can also do due to its very short MFD.  Not to mention the 40mm f2.8 is astoundingly accurate in AF at MFD to infinity.

Yes the Sigma 35mm 1.4 is an awesome lens...but the 40mm f2.8 pancake is so much better than a nifty fifty on full frame.  They were selling these things dirt cheap from Canon Refurbs.

Obviously you can't deny light advantage, however the 6D has really good high ISO and night shots are still great with the pancake, just make sure to tone down the vignetting correction (biggest weakness of the pancake, but not a big issue).

I'm a sucker for fast glass at a reasonable price, but I'm also a huge fan of keeping your kit light and small as well...

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