Trigger for using camera phone with external flash?

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Re: Trigger for using camera phone with external flash?

Zanorway wrote:

Is it possible to use an android phone with external flash, such as Elinchrom Ranger RX, or just a regular off-camera external flash - with some sort of trigger device / receiver?

For example an elinchrom trigger with bluetooth reception, combined with a camera app that sends the signal when taking a picture?

Or a bluetooth controlled trigger with PC sync out? (together with a camera app as mentioned).

Or with wiring from the phone's audio jack output...

Manual would be ok, as long as the camera app would allow manual control..

It may also depend on your cell phone, and how it uses its flash.  On my phone, for example, the LED "flash" is more like a continuous light.  When I press the shutter, the LED illuminates to help focus, briefly extinguishes,  then illuminates again to take the image.

You would have to program your external trigger to ignore the first "flash", and then trigger on the second.  And, I am not sure exactly how long of a delay there is between the second flash, and the shutter firing.  Your external flash may still trigger too early.

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