Is it better for me to shoot JPEG as opposed to RAW if I dont do any PP?

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Re: Custom White Balance - Why Not "LEARN" to shoot right the 1st time?

DSHAPK wrote:

Getting the wb right means the camera will take a consisent picture time and time again according to is programming, which may not be the way your eyes and brain interpreted the light waves. You then make the decision to post process.

i rarely post process.

Well, at the end it is a matter of personal choice. In my case, I only shoot in RAW. The 25000 RAW pictures I have shot since 2007 (350 Gb) are nicely stored in three identical $50 USB hard disks (500Gb) for safety. These are my "negatives".

There are more things that a simple PP can fix for you, beside WB. Noise, lens distortions, among other problems, are better corrected through PP.

Below is an example from today. First example is the JPG created diretly from LR, without any PP except slightly correcting the exposure. The next example is the same picture, processed with LR with my usual set of parameters.


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