Good Camera Strap to Go with the E-X Series

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Re: So does Carry Speed Sport work with e-5?

Geo Wharton wrote:

RobPNth wrote:

Some posts indicate it does and others not. I just broke my Olympus E-5 strap and need a replacement. Something that will work with 12-60 as well as 300mm lenses.


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I use the CarrySpeed FS-PRO with the F-1 foldable mounting plate on the E-5 works perfectly.  It does not interfere with the battery or anything.  Works ok with the HLD-4 on the E-5, the hinge does not move completely, but that's only for setting the camera down.

See my note above.  Be careful which plate you get.

Just received my CarrySpeef FS-Pro with F-1 plate. It works well with the E-5 and the 12-60 and 50-200 lenses. Haven't tried it with the ZD300mm f/2.8 yet.


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