70-200mm f4 RRS collar is here

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Re: 70-200mm f4 RRS collar is here

Ha - I made the same mistake.  That's the link to the new 80-400mm collar; the quick link on the front page took the place of the 70-200mm f4 collar's front page quick link.  The 70-200mm collar is still $195.

I spent some time with my replacement collar and have decided to return it.  I felt that there was too much flex (fore and aft), and I disliked the screw closure for the collar.  With the screw closure for the collar, there is a small fraction of a rotation between over tightening the collar (and perhaps damaging the lens barrel) and inadequately securing the collar to prevent movement.  Also, the foot attachment to the collar is less than ideal -  there is 2-3mm fore-to-aft play; if I push the foot all of the way to the stop position and tighten the knob the connection does not seem as secure as when I back off 2mm and then tighten.  Strangely, this isn't the case with my 300mm f4 RRS collar and clamp, nor was it with my 70-200mm f2.8 and RRS foot.

Perhaps the biggest issue is the balance of lens and camera.  Without the collar, my D800/e is lens heavy; with the collar, the rig is significantly camera heavy.  Bottom line - why bother, particularly given the other design issues I've found.

All in all I can't see compromising the lens's portability for a minimal, if any, advantage in on-tripod stability.  One of the greatest attributes of the 70-200mm f4 is its weight and size; I never hesitate to bring it along.  Sure, I'll lose the landscape-to-portrait rotation facility, but I've got an L-plate.

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