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Re: problems just like Vista ?

dradam wrote:

That's why it is so unfortunate that a small group of people that others happen to listen to when making computer buying decisions were so emotionally negative right out of the gate.

I don't think that's the big cause of Windows 8's problems right now.  I think the big cause is that people who try it on desktop machines can't figure it out because they're not used to the new interface style and because there's no obvious way for them to get to the traditional interface.   Sure, it's possible to set up a desktop system to avoid that problem - but that doesn't happen in retail stores.

Then they see Windows 8 ads with those blocky colourful tiles, recall their frustrating experience, and grumble to their friends about how stupid it is.  That's entirely Microsoft's fault for not making the classic interface the default on systems without a touch screen.

I don't think the problem is as big on touch devices like phones and tablets because people are pretty used to how they work, or at least they don't expect them to work the same, and they're more likely to try things like swiping from the edges that are counter-intuitive for desktop systems.   The big problem on mobile devices is the lack of apps.

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