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Re: problems just like Vista ?

dmartin92 wrote:

digital ed wrote:

My point re Win 8 exactly. Once you have a robust OS you can dress it up almost any way you want.

That's true too, but that is not to say that how it is dressed is an insignificant issue. At least not in the long run.

Public opinion, unfortunately, is also a major factor.  By the time Win7 came out, Vista was a very stable, quite decent OS, but it was simply never able to shake the stigma.  That's why it is so unfortunate that a small group of people that others happen to listen to when making computer buying decisions were so emotionally negative right out of the gate.

I truly think that Windows 8 is a very good operating system that offers not only intriguing possibilities in the future, but also immediate advantages to the non-tech savvy consumer, but it may never get the chance it deserves.

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