Read this before you buy a Fuji X.

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Re: Read this before you buy a Fuji X.

@ "If you have young kids you are definitely better off with an entry level DSLR compared to even the best mirror less camera money can buy today."

I had heard to many times that MILC is not suitable to catch moving children.

NO, this is not true. If you have such problems, I have a good news: You could be able to improve your shooting skills to have no substantial problems in this area. I shoot moving children with XE1 very often indoors & outdoors with shallow DOF and my success rate is good.

I heard too many times that DSLR AF is much better than MILC AF. But this statement ignores the fact that DSLR could have really serious AF issues if you have bad luck, .... especially if you are shooting at shallow DOF ( I'm experienced (D)SLR user for more than 20 years ).

DSLR inaccurate AF could be caused by:

1. lens/body manufacturing accuracy & calibration issues. This problem could be even worse with future high Mpix sensors, which requires always better manufacturing accuracy of DSLRs mechanics.

2. by less consistent focus accuracy of DSLR's PDAF in comparison to CDAF.

The important fact is that most less experienced DSLR buyers do not have a knowledge about these possible DLSR AF issues.

If they have have bad luck and experience these issues, its solution could be really difficult, time consuming and also not solvable.

I have extensive bad experience with these DSLR issues and neither in body micro-calibration, nor even 4 (four!!!) calibrations of body+lenses in certified service in Germany had not substantially improved the AF problem.

In my experience it was much more easier to improve my focusing skills with XE1 than solving these DSLR focus issues.

The same DSLR AF issues will not occur with MILC because they use CDAF AF and even if they use PDAF their focusing sensors are part of own image sensor ( then no miss-alignment issues )

Such DSLR AF issues occurs also if focusing at IDEAL conditions (!) – static objects, good light, good object contrast. The problem is more problematic with zoom lenses, because AF could be correct in some zoom range but NOT in other one..... really very strange issues, which could be not solved neither by body/lens calibration nor by improving your AF skills.

These DSLR problems are caused by:

  1. PDAF focusing method

  2. focusing is affected by DSLRs over-complicated design because of using mirror, which requires that focusing sensors are outside of the image sensor plane. Then even small inaccuracies of its mechanical parts or their miss-alignment could cause that final image focused according focusing sensors (placed outside of image sensor plane) will be out of focus on image sensor and in your final picture.

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