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Re: ribbon is great

malch wrote:

Sean Nelson wrote:

You're absolutely right about the ribbon layout.   It drives me nuts sometimes.

The other problem with the ribbon is all of the real estate that it takes.   I keep my ribbon minimized, which means I have to click on one of the ribbon tabs to open it up and then click on the appropriate icon.   That means it's no faster than a traditional menu bar for me.

I actually find it faster to find things on a drop-down menu because I just have to scan one list.   With the ribbon I first have to guess which group is likely to hold the tool I want, then I have to scan the area horizontally AND vertically to find what I want.   And all too often I end up guessing wrong and then having to look at other groups - and occasionally other tabs.

Page breaks used to drive me nuts - on the traditional drop-down menus you'd choose "Insert -> Page Break" to add a page break to a document, yet they're nowhere to be found on the "Insert" tab of the ribbon.   There are a lot of other similar choices of tool location that I find to be very non-intuitive.

I've made peace with the ribbon, but the biggest reason I was able to tolerate it is because I've put my most frequently-used tools onto the quick access bar.  I still dread having to find some tool that I don't use very often.

Ribbons look pretty and that's just about their only redeeming quality. They chew up lots of real estate but don't make anything easier to find. My only peace comes from avoiding the darn things.

I can't find a link to it, but I remember seeing an article describing how Microsoft did some focus testing to see what new features people wanted in the upcoming Office 2007.  When they got the results and saw that something like 90% of peoples requests were ALREADY available, the decided they needed to make them easier to find, and hence came the ribbon.

I would say that I am extremely good with the Office suite, and will admit that I was frustrated with the Ribbon when I first saw it.  I mean, how dare they change what I already know so well. But, after using it for a bit I am now able to see not only the advantage to myself, but to a more inexperienced user.  If I hadn't taken the time to give it an honest chance to win me over, I can imagine that life using Office would still be very frustrating to me.

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