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Re: problems just like Vista ?

dmartin92 wrote:

I saw this article today:

And I was wondering, did they ever go so far as to defend Vista ? Were the problems that significant, with Vista, that Microsoft ever publicly responded to them ?

But yes or no, it's kind of like saying, was it this bad with the Titanic ? Or maybe the Titanic isn't a good example. That was a real disaster. The boat sank.

In any case, even if their "100 million copies sold" statement is technically true, I just don't trust them on that number.  Even if they are being honest, they aren't being frank.  And for them to talk about the "100 million copies sold" number, they just look bad when they say that, because the smart people know, that's not customers running into the retail store saying, "gimme Windows 8, I just gotta have that".

No, they just slightly reskinned Vista after it finally had decent hardware and driver support, called it "Windows 7", and made bank.

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