How to properly compare RX-100 and NEX-6 kit high ISO noise?

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Re: How to properly compare RX-100 and NEX-6 kit high ISO noise?

CosmoZooo wrote:

Gary what I was trying to explain is that the total amount of light hitting the sensor is not what matters hence my f1.8 crop example. I understand the megapixel problem in the crop example but that's not what I was getting at.

To be very clear the total sensor area that light covers is not the deciding factor - f3.5 lens on NEX hits the NEX sensor with more light then f1.8 lens on RX100 - the image circle is much larger on NEX. But that's not what matters - the light intensity - brightness of the light is more on the RX100 f1.8 then NEX f3.5. That's the distinction I was trying to explain. It's the brightness if light not the larger area of light that matters here.

Does that make sense?

The problem is, it all matters.  Light per surface area and the total light.  With the RX100 having more light per area, that's great and allows for less noise.  On the Nex's larger sensor, there is less light per area, and thus more noise per unit area.... but there's a lot more TOTAL area!  And all of that total sensor area contributes to the final photo and thus needs to be considered.  When you put together the total sensor (with higher noise) into the same final destination, it effectively reduces the visible noise.  Either you have same-sized pixels, but the final photo will have more of them (and smaller) for the Nex, or  you have the same resulting number of  pixels, but each pixel on the Nex is larger and thus is more sensitive (less noise)from the same amount of light.

If you're only going to compare a crop of the sensor from the Nex to the full sensor of the RX100, then the RX100 is sure to always win.

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