Supplying images optimised for Retina displays

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Re: Supplying images optimised for Retina displays

AZBlue wrote:

I must respectfully disagree with those who say there is not much difference viewing a Retina display. It's like night and day. The MacBook Pro Retina is a roughly 5 MP display. Take any sharp, well shot image that is greater than 5 MP and view it on a Retina and then a non-Retina display. You will absolutely notice the difference, sharpness being the most obvious. The physical device pixels in a Retina display are extremely dense given their large number. This has a positive impact on the richness, contrast and perceived dynamic range of a viewed image.

Look, ultimately all desktop displays are going to someday be Retina-class displays or even denser. So are we forever going to feel threatened of people ripping off our images, or are we going to embrace the inevitability of this technology and tackle it with an attitude of abundance rather than scarcity? Imagine how well your photos would sell if they were viewable at 5 MP detail on a customer's device? Imagine if you had your customer instantly proof or view what you were shooting in full resolution on a Retina iPad? Wouldn't that make your photos look better than a competitor's?

It's time we stop feeling threatened and start using this new technology to show off our images.

If you are referring to me, you should reread what I said. I said most people will not notice the difference, not there is not much difference. There is a large difference. I offer as evidence that people will not notice things like the crappy quality of online video. A local theater uses 4K digital displays. Unfortunately, the calibration is off on the color (registration issue) on most of the screens. Apparently, I'm the only one who complains. The manager who finally did something about it complimented me on my excellent vision. I have to say, though, it was pretty obvious to me. The color profile is off a bit, too, but that's a differenbs matter that also could be a grading issue.

p.s. unfortunately, Apple came out with the retina MacBook shortly after I purchased my non retina display.

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