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Re: ribbon is great

Simon Garrett wrote:

It's the lack of stability that's the problem with Microsoft's ribbon, not the concept of a ribbon.

You're absolutely right about the ribbon layout.   It drives me nuts sometimes.

The other problem with the ribbon is all of the real estate that it takes.   I keep my ribbon minimized, which means I have to click on one of the ribbon tabs to open it up and then click on the appropriate icon.   That means it's no faster than a traditional menu bar for me.

I actually find it faster to find things on a drop-down menu because I just have to scan one list.   With the ribbon I first have to guess which group is likely to hold the tool I want, then I have to scan the area horizontally AND vertically to find what I want.   And all too often I end up guessing wrong and then having to look at other groups - and occasionally other tabs.

Page breaks used to drive me nuts - on the traditional drop-down menus you'd choose "Insert -> Page Break" to add a page break to a document, yet they're nowhere to be found on the "Insert" tab of the ribbon.   There are a lot of other similar choices of tool location that I find to be very non-intuitive.

I've made peace with the ribbon, but the biggest reason I was able to tolerate it is because I've put my most frequently-used tools onto the quick access bar.  I still dread having to find some tool that I don't use very often.

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