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RedFox88 wrote:

Dude, unless you are playing extremely fast action 1st player shooter games with all the graphics options turned on high, or doing 3D graphic design rendering, you will not notice any performance difference between a $99 video card and a very high end one you seem to be wanting.  Doing work on photos is 95% CPU and 5% everything else.  All a photo program is doing is displaying the image to the screen 60 times per second:  the same 2D static image which does not take much hardware to do!

Seems like  you enjoy replacing things for the sake of it, in that case you will probably never be happy with what is in your computer whether you see a performance different between 2 different components or not.  Good luck with that.

Do you feel mad about me doing changed to my built PC? I did change because i did a mistake as i said, but even with that mistake i never feel sad or regret, in fact i am changing my first build and i am planning to use the replaced parts in the second build for my kids and adopted son, i can't allow them using my computer, so the first current build except for CPU will become actually the second build, and i will change everything in first build except for CPU and case.

About GPU, i said i am still not sure about the one i have, it is not bad at all, but it is not great best as well, it is GTX 660Ti, i read that it may not support flawlessly on dual or multiple monitors, and that was one of the mistakes, when i was building this PC i never thought i may go with multi-monitors, just when i was reading and found some gamers using multi-monitors it made me to think about a better option for GPU, if i never go for multi-monitors then i may never think to replace my 660Ti, and if i said i was thinking to build a second PC then that means i will wate another money no doubt for all parts again whether less or closer to first build cost.

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