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Re: are you serious?

RedFox88 wrote:

Tareq Abdulla wrote:

I bought a desktop from a local store with parts i asked and some aren't much important i will change later when i can.

The 2 things i sure want to change are:

What you "propose" to change is essentialy EVERYTHING in the case except for a DVD/bluray drive!  Why get a computer, made with the parts you ask for, if you plan to replace those parts for different parts!  My goodness!!  You should have asked for the components you actually wanted!!!

1. SSD, i have Samsung 840 series 128GB non Pro, so i would like to go with Samsung Pro 256GB.

2. Graphic Card,  they installed something normal not great enough, but just for quick few days use i will keep it until i order one either from online or if i can find it locally somewhere, then i can use that current one for another low performance computer.

The RAM is 8GB now, but i will definitely increase it to either 16GB or 32GB, the motherboard can go up to 64GB but i am not in tush to go for maximum RAM yet.

I am not sure if the motherboard is good one, but this is what they told me available in addition to ASUS, but this is the only one it have Bluetooth+WiFi included [it is just a card], anyway, i said before that i will not care too much about so powerful motherboard, at the end it is X79 Intel chipset inside, so this will make it a decent one for a while.

Thanks for all the help and opinion/suggestions/recommendations, sure i need you for anything i search to get.

Well, i was in hurry and i was only care about the processor and the case, but later on when i read more in details about other parts i found out that there are better options i should go with, and that was the problem, so then i started to change things one by one, it was my mistake rushing to have a PC very soon without reading carefully about each parts in details.

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