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Re: ribbon is great

RedFox88 wrote:

Simon Garrett wrote:

But MS has taken a number of poor steps in UI recently.  The ribbon interface, though visually pretty-pretty, is not well thought out.

I, and the software industry, completely disagree with you.  Microsoft's Office ribbon is now the industry standard for software with other major software moving to the ribbon as it offers a graphic view of software options in stead of pulldown menus with sub menu options that is geared far more towards the computer programmer than the average computer user.

I find things far quicker using a ribbon than pulldown menus primarily because the ribbon is horizontal and pull down menus are vertical.  It's elemental to how people read.

The concept of the ribbon interface is fine, but I don't think it's very well implemented.  It's visually appealing as it's more graphical.  It's quicker to pick out an icon out of a crowd of icons than to find a word out of a list.   I don't think it's a matter of horizontal vs. vertical, as both the ribbon and the menu system it replaced involve a combination of both horizontal and vertical.

The issue with the Microsoft ribbon is that it changes in appearance.  Take an Office product using a ribbon, and make the window wider and narrower.  As you narrow the window, icons change to smaller ones and then disappear.  Occasional users get the frustrating experience of "I'm sure that function was here yesterday".  It's still there, but the icon looks different today.  Or, if you've shrunk the window too far maybe it isn't there any more - just a remnant tiny arrow head, or a word instead of an icon.

It's the lack of stability that's the problem with Microsoft's ribbon, not the concept of a ribbon.

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