D7100 vs D600 do you see what I see ?

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Re: D7100 vs D600 do you see what I see ?

scokill wrote:

I realize this won't be a popular opinion among the "more is better" crowd, but personally, I think that high ISO capability on current cameras is getting to the point where an extra stop or two doesn't help. Current cameras already shoot in such dim light that even better performance will just get into the area where even higher ISO doesn't matter, because the lighting is so poor, it doesn't make for good pictures. Lighting is everything in photography. At least if you're worried about making good looking images.

When you are shooting action indoors or under lights at night 1 stop is huge much less 2.

I think the truth is somwhere in the middle. For example, pro photographer Jeff Cable said that at the Olympics and at many pro sports events, even at the press conference, the light is perfect so you never need very high ISOs. I was also looking at some photos by David Bergman, from Bon Jovi concert, and from a football game, never seen more than 2500 ISO used.

And about two years ago, I got my hand of some RAW photos from a wedding photographer, taken with the D3s, at ISO 12800. They had the ceremony in a wine cellar. The light was so poor, the photos looked like crap no matter how much PP I've tried to do on them. Sure a D7100 would have produced even worse photos, no doubt, but they were crap photos anyway.

That said, there are times where very high ISO is needed, and indeed there are times when 1 stop will make all the difference. Can't say I really bumped in a situation like that with newer cameras, but it sure happened to me in the past when I really needed ISO 1600 and my camera was useless at that setting. I ended up with some crappy ISO 1600 photos and some blurry ISO 800 photos :)) because the shutter speed wasn't high enough.

The only time I used ISO 6400 in the last 2 years was at a camp fire at night. Used f/1.8 at ISO6400 and 1/100. With my D5100 the quality was OK after PP, just don't expect large prints. But no colour shifts, no nasty blotches or anything, just softer at enlargements because of the high NR applied.

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