Who own the copyright and why?

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Re: Who own the copyright and why?

Ray Ritchie wrote:

Rdefen wrote:

The entire copyright law is a product of real world business realities and negotiation by multiple groups of interested parties. That's how the sausage gets made. It is not made by some logical reasoning by a room of law school professors...

It's not made by ethicists, either. Those persons in this thread who seem incensed over the law and say "it's not right," "it's not fair," or "it's not ethical" need to do some more in-depth thinking about where their notions of moral right and wrong, ethics, and fairness come from and whether they think our societies and laws are really aimed at realizing those values.

Copyright law may have its origins in someone's notions of fairness, but its present forms are very convoluted, and you may be wasting your time if you worry about whether it's fair or not - or you may have a lifetime cause you can pursue

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More realistically they need to accept that their opinions matter not one jot, and if they wish to express their outrage, politicians who make laws are the people to whom they ought to do so.

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